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Historical Places and Museums

The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church is not only center of worship but also center of capital investment, social, art, civilization and chronicles of kings. For example we can mentioned few among of them Axum, Lalibela, Debrebirhan Trinity, Lake Tana and the like. Our capital Addis Ababa is also holding a number of historical and miraculous […]

Church History

DURING THE BIRTH OF CHRIST “May the kings of Sheba and seba bring gifts” (ps.72:10) Based on prophesy of King David on psalms 72:9-10, “may the Ethiopians bow down before him, and his enemies lick the dust! May the kings of Tarshish and Isles render him tribute, May the kings of Seba bring gifts! May […]

Parishes List

Churches and Monasteries of Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church in Addis Ababa diocese in their planting order, distances and locations form the diocese head office, local names and people planted. No. Name of the Church Grade of Church building date Location Distance from the diocesehead office Names who bult the church 1 Keraniyo Holy savior Church […]

Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church and Its Traditional Music

by Nebure Eid Elyas The Beginning of Church Music The Concise Oxford Dictionary defines the word music as “The art or science of combining vocal or instrumental sounds, or both, to produce beauty or form, harmony and expression of emotion.” In this sense Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church has developed in her long history her own […]

Veneration of Saints

by Like Kahinat Birhanu Gebreamanuel Holiness We can divide Holiness in to two: Natural Holiness Gifted Holiness Natural Holiness is Holiness that belongs only to God. Gifted Holiness is Holiness that given for heavenly Angeles and earthly humans by God, when they found proper for this honor. Specials humans became Holy when they serve God […]

Spiritual/Theological Schools

The basic mission of the church is to provide spiritual as well as social services to human beings. Because of this Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church has been providing spiritual as well as social service to all human beings regardless of their religious, race, gender differences.

Message from Addis Ababa Diocese

The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church occupies a unique place among African countries and the Christendom at large for the longstanding historical contribution being apostolic, ancient, historic and national

Colleges and Universities

Since Ethiopian Orthodox Church is an ancient, apostles, historical, national, in addition to the religious responsibility she is assumed with, it has carried out an activity of establishing modern schools in all places.

Primary and Secondary Schools

The Addis Ababa diocese has been established it’s school at different levels of monasteries and churches from kindergarten to college and universities that have been providing spiritual and secular wisdom to students and also what we call secular wisdom is according to our forefathers, preparing writing ink, scraping the traditional writing pad “Brana”, carving writing […]

Youths and Development

The young generation has a vital role by believing whatever he want, by perspective in church songs, arts, drama, teaching children, expanding gospel, participating in sanitation, and other activities which are important for the overall activities of the church. In addition to that the young generation is playing its best practically by keeping the discipline of the church, helping the poor, construction the church and in any other activities require by the church