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Activities of the Youth/youth’s movement

The ancient and famous Ethiopian Orthodox Church is an owner of many history and heritages. The young generation as a responsibility to accept those heritages to preserve and transfer the next generation. Accordingly, in 1930 Addis Ababa Sunday schools have the responsibility of their fathers and have exerted an effort to actualize the assets and values of the church

Sunday School – History

In the history of Ethiopian Orthodox Church Sunday schools for youth was begun to be founded commencing from 1936 young followers who used to attend their religious education previously in the holy trinity cathedral school had established an association named “Trinity Association” the association was established for male followers only. However after some years the cathedral administration young female followers was found it necessary to establish their own association apart from the already established male association. To this effect females who used to visit the cathedral for the purpose of prior and preaching gathered and established an association named “Kirstos Association”

Social Events

The social source of Ethiopian Orthodox Church contribution is from the 10 commandments and 6 gospels. The 10 commandments and 6 gospels together preach social rules. Social rules are base in one society to develop social ties, understanding love and living together in peace. A society who leads his life based on noble social norms will create its own tradition through course of time. Tradition or culture identifies one community from the other community and it is an entity which defines his orthodox identity. Accordingly, Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church has contributed and his contributing the following social contributions

Developmental Activities

Treasures indicate that developmental activities were commencing in the church. Therefore, developmental activities are commenced from our God. God first creates the earth then human beings because of this the church will carry out its activities inline with the order of God and rules

The parish and its Objective

The Parish Council (PC) of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church (EOTC) is the governing administrative and executive members of the church. According to the PC constitution (Kalawadi) of the EOTC the main objective is to care for the Holy Church, to expand and enrich her services in order to encourage her followers to hold firm to the faith and morals of the Christian life as well as to make the church self-reliant


Addis Ababa Diocese has been establish next to Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church Secretariat office based on the church structure in the capital city of the country and is undertaking its activity. The office is a huge which carryout multi-dimensional activities in a strengthen way

Mission and Vision of the Diocese

Mission: To lead churches which are found in Addis Ababa appropriately, teach the religious followers and enable to receive spiritual service in the required way under the structure of the church, surface good administration in monasteries and diocese . . .

Background of the Diocese

In accordance with Ethiopian Orthodox Church Constitution (Kaleawdi) chapter six, Article 38 up to 45, next to the secretariat office, it is essential for the unity of the church to establish a diocese and working to actualize its church doctrine in line with the church structure.