Colleges and Universities

Since Ethiopian Orthodox Church is an ancient, apostles, historical, national, in addition to the religious responsibility she is assumed with, it has carried out an activity of establishing modern schools in all places.

Out of the modern colleges and universities:

1.    Mahdere Sibhat Kidist Lideta Lemaryam Health Science College

This college was established by the Addis Ababa Diocese, the church parish council administration, religious followers formed in 1997. Starting from the date of its establishment it is enable to graduate the considerable number of students annually. This church’s first health science college, in addition to health sciences training, it gives to the society, build an organized hospital and that able to provide a quality education, facilitates space for research and study and has a vision to be a high educational firm.

The colleges have a degree and diploma educational programs in regular base. Out of the trainings which are given in the regular program.

Training Fields

  • In degree program
    • In clinical nursing
    • In public health (has a health officer)
  • In technique and vocational training filed (in degree program)
    • In nursing field
      • Level 2 health care giving
      • Level 3 nursing assistance
      • Level 4 comprehensive nursing
      • Level 4 Midwifery Nursing
    • In medical laboratory technology field
      • In level 2 Medical Laboratory Assistance
      • In Level 3 Medical Laboratory Service
      • In Level 4 Medical Laboratory Service
    • In pharmacy technology field
      • In Level 2 Retail Pharmacy Assisting
      • In Level 3 Hospital/Community Pharmacy Assistance
      • In Level 4 Pharmacy Technology Service e.t.c
  •  The education assurance process is being provided inline with the rules and regulations enacted by the Ministry of Education.

2. Debrehaile St. Raguel College

This college is one of the modern schools which are under the administration of the Addis Ababa Diocese and educations which are given in the regular level are the following.

  • Administration training
  • Computer/IT
  • Accounting trainings.

from 2004 the college has accepted students and  providing trainings. This college has scored a high result and has improved from preparatory schools to college levels so that the school is very successful college. The school is unique in its nature it has developed from first level in to secondary within the short period of time. It is provided education with the required quality. The college has developed because its dedication to fulfill the societies educational need and for it provided with the required quality.

In this regard the monastery parish administration board has showed a good work spirit which can be an example for other monasteries.