Developmental Activities

Treasures indicate that developmental activities were commencing in the church. Therefore, developmental activities are commenced from our God. God first creates the earth then human beings because of this the church will carry out its activities inline with the order of God and rules.

An individual who have no interest to work can not dare to speak that he has a religion or faith. As holy books stated it religion is the only revealed through work. Briefly religion void of work is meaningless. Based on this idea Ethiopian Orthodox Church is engaged at the developmental activities in the monasteries and Churches which are located in the rural and urban areas form the ancient time.

  • In irrigation development
  • In agricultural development
  • In animal husbandry development
  • In bees development activity
  • In construction development activity
  • In art developmental activities
  • In education and other basic developmental activities and his contribution to the overall developmental activities of the state.Addis Ababa Diocese is one of the exemplary figures. The diocese has accept the developmental activity from for fathers and is carrying out in the diocese in line with the capacity of the diocese. The main objectives of those developmental activities:
    • To enable the church self-viable in terms of income and provide spiritual service appropriate
    • To provide to the society the full social service
    • To improve the living standards of the church servants.

Accordingly, the diocese is engaged at:

  • Education section
  • Health section
  • Construction section
  • Art and provide activities which have important to the society.

In relation to the issue at hand Addis Ababa Diocese is engaged that various activities of developmental activities, out of this

  • It is exerting a maximum effort so that churches can secure land holding certificate.
  • By discussing with the component body to expand development in monasteries and Churches and his carrying out multi-dimensional activities.
  • It is on the way to build a 20 story building to be used for income generating activities of the diocese.
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