Mission and Vision of the Diocese


  • To lead churches which are found in Addis Ababa appropriately, teach the religious followers and enable to receive spiritual service in the required way under the structure of the church, surface good administration in monasteries and diocese so that to actualize equitable as well as strong economy in the church and to strengthen the overall spiritual as well as social status of the church.


  • To enable religious followers aware of their spiritual assets, values, tradition and make them to keep it up.
  • To expand worshiping as well as disciplinary activities of the church.
  • To enable the property and assets of the church to be used for the intended purpose in accordance with the law and relation of the church.
  • To make the atheist who are found in Addis Ababa to join the church to follow up the religious activity.
  • To enable the church to play its role in the social economic and historical formation of the country in equivalent to the church’s history and greatness.
  • To ensure the rights and obligations of priests.
  • To facilitate a situation so that the religious followers of the church could be able to serve the church through their knowledge, finance and labor.
  • To improve the church ministers/servants living standard.
  • To mould the youth in disciplined and developmental mentality.
  • To strengthen Sunday school.


  • To surface transparency in the diocese, accountability good governance as well as financial usage procedure/administration.
  • Through boosting the economical status of the church to a high level strengthen the living standards of the ministers (employees).


  • By eliminating any bad working practices and backward attitudes and to double the annual income of the church, improve the living standards of the servants who are engaged in the monastery and other places which are under the church
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