Organizational Structure

The diocese is administered by a bishop and will have the following organs.

  1. Bishop – is in charge of administrating the whole diocese, provide blessing to the clerics and followers found under the diocese, exert his maximum effort to expand religious doctrine.
  2. Manager –in the absence of the bishop shall administer the assembly, transfer the regulations of the holy synods to the concerned body, lead the activities of the office, coordinate, employ workers under a permission of the diocese, carryout the correspondence activities of the diocese, communicate with various organs, prepare plans of the diocese along with departments follow up the performance, prepare quarter and annual report.
  3. Gospel and apostles service department
    Expanding gospel and preaching, training spiritual teachers, assigning spiritual teachers, preparing apostles travels, coordinating assembles and facilitating the situation to strengthen ties among the church are the core duties of the department.
  4. Sunday School Department/division
    Organizing Sunday schools, leading as well as administrating the organized Sunday schools through the constitutions of the  church, developing spiritual life for the young followers through various activities, enabling smooth spiritual songs to the young singers, providing young Christian followers to attend Abinet School and transfer to clergy , preparing programs for children, preparing educational materials, facilitating a situation so that children can learn their religious asset, value, tradition, language, facilitating a situation so that mothers can have the right place in the church service are the core activities of the department.
  5. Finance and Budget Department
    Follow up financial usage and expenditure, collect funds for the church, lay down methods for which funds can be secured, effecting various payments inline with the financial accounting law and the constitution are the core activities of finance and budget department.
  6. Treasure Department
    Preparing spiritual meetings encouraging visitors to visit Ethiopia and the church in to that effect facilitating smooth situation, making church history as well as heritage to be recorded and preserved, preparing annual holidays, festivals and other traditional events.
  7. Legal Department: carrying out legal activities regarding to the church, preserving the right of the church before the law, analyzing and balancing the church constitution with the state law.
  8. Auditing Department: this section is in charge of following up the income and expense of the financial matters as well as properties of the diocese which is to be collected from different directions.
  9. Cashier Department: This section is in charge of checking the fund secured based on the document to be issued from the accounting section and after ensuring its correctness deposed in to the bank as well as it is responsible for effecting workers salary as well as various expenses when permission is given from the concerned body by withdrawing money from the bank.
  10. Welfere Department: this section is responsible to coordinate various aid providing individuals as well as charities and provide support to the destitute and needy.
  11. Property Section: this section is responsible to preserve properties which are given to the church through donation, conduct a study to point out methods of financial income and preserve available property as well as finance.
  12. Clergy Administration Department: this section is responsible clergy administration matters and huge public as well as special events and programs.
  13. Parish Department: this section is responsible to coordinate and parties so that parishes can be founded in any churches.
  14. Record and File Section: this section is responsible to record correspondence letters as historical documents in a careful way.
  15. General Service Section:
  16. District Church: this is administered by Like Kahnat and the purpose is to coordinate spiritual service in some limited area.
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