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The social source of Ethiopian Orthodox Church contribution is from the 10 commandments and 6 gospels. The 10 commandments and 6 gospels together preach social rules. Social rules are base in one society to develop social ties, understanding love and living together in peace. A society who leads his life based on noble social norms will create its own tradition through course of time. Tradition or culture identifies one community from the other community and it is an entity which defines his orthodox identity. Accordingly, Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church has contributed and his contributing the following social contributions.

Social Contribution

1.    Participating in Charity Service

The source of charity is the bible. This include beyond developing sense of understanding and humanity among the society, it includes an education which have a crucial importance for the soul. Therefore, beyond giving value for spiritual service, it has a vital importance to develop a sense of understanding and humanity in the society. The importance methods to actualize such kind of noble assets is to teach, organize, coordinate the society and open firms. The initial point for charity service is religion.

God showed without any return that all creatures are created for the good and they are good. Those who follow they are Lord contributed a voluntary service. The father of many Abraham is well known by providing needs and drinking for a person in need without any return. Many service which are listed in the bible are done by voluntary individuals every human being is expected to provide support interns of money, knowledge, labor to other in need. It is a noble Christian act which ought to be remembered of the kind Samrawi who provide support for an individual who was injured doing everything the required by his own freewill. At present clergy, deacons, church followers carryout a lot of activities at their own freewill. Opening children center as well as support provision for elders.

Ethiopia Orthodox Church has a lasted tradition of providing support for poor helping his far better than scarifying. It has been stated in the holy bible that helping to individuals in need has a grate value and his blessing. It is an Ethiopian grate value to help for those who are in need. This noble tradition is our societies social security and our Christian tradition the former traditional church student used to attend their school through the offer they obtain from the Christian society. It is the tradition which was developed by the church for the thousand of years not through the help of governmental or other support providing help for those who are in need is Christian culture which was nurtured by the church for years. Generally, the church is exerting its maximum effort provide food for those who are starved, cloth for those who are naked, cure for those who are get ill,  support for elders as well as for any who are in need. To ensure such kind of social security the church as exerted its best effort by coordinating all the concerned body.

Those social firms had structure even if it is not like the modern one. They had social securities which are used by providing support for a child who is not your biological child and other social activities. Until social security began in Ethiopia they used to provide support to orphaned children through this way. After those firms get established, the church established new firms and began providing service in a strengthen way.

Getting aid during drought and helping refugees.

Since helping for those who are in need is a noble act of the bible the church has been providing help for those who are in need. At present, by establishing in a modern way development and rehabilitation commission is providing grain and oil as well as other foods when there is an urgent need. Therefore, the church has been carried out its humanitarian support and the rehabilitation activities.

Organizing spiritual associations

There are a lot of Sunday associations as well as religious associations. Those noble assets are favorable provide charity service. They are widely used at rural areas. In case properties are lost due to an accident support will be provided. In addition to that if there are individuals who lost the physical labor or health support will be provided through those associations. This act is biblical. Because of this since it create a positive influence on the living tradition of the society; the church has played its best role for the actualizing of it.

2.    Nurturing Good Citizen

Man is free with dignity for the world he is living in. nationality is natural however to be a good citizen is the result of good discipline and act. Since Ethiopian Orthodox Church is a true and holy church there was no any time spent without teaching her followers the importance of religious discipline, moral values and faithfulness. Even if matters which came in the name of civilization is challenging the good assets of the church and its service even in such situation the church is nurturing her followers with discipline and fear of God so that to be an individuals of importance to their people and their country. The church activity extend from teaching moral as well as ethical values to religious doctrines.

3.    Developing Working Tradition

The church teaches that work is the base for living bible which is the guiding principal of the church broadly explain the importance of work and develop working tradition. Lord has given responsibility to our father Adam so that to nurture her in a way to purify. After he has committed a sin Adam was condemned to live based on the effort he exert. The bible clearly states that every one should live based on his effort. Those who lived on their effort are blessed. The church based on this biblical education teaches her followers to focus on their work otherwise an idle brain is the workshop of the devil. From this perspective the church is playing its best for the overall development of the people and economical, as well as developmental security.

4.    Teaching Discipline

The word discipline is to mean to be learned from the day to day activities and the goodness of work. The church teaches its followers to unconditionally love human beings, engage in a noble act, to avoid from any distractive behaviors and to lead their life through purified and holy spirits. Through the education the church teaches its followers are preached to have a good concise, to avoid from un decent words and thoughts, to far away from arrogance and undo pride, to forgive and forget to have an acquaintance with God and to do all good things. Because of this the church is preaching her followers to be well disciplined, to respect the rules of God and to engage in noble and good deeds. In a social life the church teaches his followers not focus on a weakness of their fellows, and that the source of evil is ignorance because of this any one who commit a mistake, instead of blaming should be make aware of his mistake.

This changes the evil in to the good. Since our life is not only revealed before God but also before human beings, we should do all the best for every one we should think good things not only before God but also before human beings. Generally, the church preaches disciplined so that her followers should be faithful his country, and to his fellowman, discharge his responsibility with the required one, to carryout his activity without prejudice. Through the discipline teachings the church is exerting its best to protect corruption and to enhance the over going development of the state.

The church teaches the value of respect, tax should be paid if it is due, duty shall be performed, what ought to be feared ought to be feared, what ought to be respected ought to be respected. Because of this the church is contributing a lot by teaching her followers so that to pay Asrat for the church and tax for the government on time. We can dare to say that because of the following.

  • For its teaching makes the followers to be obedient, decent with fear of God, to be free of foreign activities as well as distractive addictions and it will nurture good citizens.
  • The church has mold and nurtured the citizen for a long period of time through traditional church school so that to be well disciplined and to have a sense of responsibility. Her contribution is not some thing that can easy for forgettable.
  • The church has exerted a maximum effort to give an ethical education along with the regular education up to higher institutions.
  • Especially during this world of globalization, the young generation is highly exposed to unnecessary and distractive behaviors. Corruption for which the state is striving hard to tackle them through a commission level, the church is also accepted that it is its religious obligation to carryout an activity so that to alleviate such kind of ill behaviors by teaching discipline and ethics from the root.

5.    Participating in Health Care activities

Health does not mean the absence of an illness. Rather it is an individuals physical, psychological, social, mental as well as spiritual well being. For a community which is in poverty health problems takes big place beyond the biological health problem any mental anxiety as well as disorder highly affect on the production of the society. The church contribution to avoid health problems can be listed as follows.

  • By providing spiritual as well as biological well being.
  • By enabling to have a mental health.
  • By providing psychological health.
  • By expanding modern health firms etc.

6.    In the field of Education

A human being which is endowed with a thinking mental an education is important so that to purify him self from ignorance and to identify the good from the evil, to understand the wisdom of God. Because of this a knowledge which enables him to enjoy social freedom is important. Education has a vital importance so that to lead their cultural and economic life with the wisdom and to have a living tradition based on knowledge.

The Purpose of this

Its prior activity is to draft curriculum from traditional church school up to higher institutions so that to nurture a generation who has a conscious mind and who can cope up with modernity. To this effect it is the duty of the church to draft the curriculum and prepare information as well as equipments required for that purpose.

Ethiopia is one of the few countries in the world which have their own alphabet. Its identification is a geez alphabet. It is the owner of geez alphabet. Because of this it was found necessary to facilitate the situation. In different educational faculties based on abroad has established facilities to conduct study on Geez education. The church used to serve as Ministry of Education by construction modern school as of 1930. After the introduction of modern education in our country the church has built its own modern schools and has mold the young generation through discipline and to be an individuals who love their own country and people.

7.    By Recording History and Wisdom

The beginning and source of Ethiopian art is Ethiopian Orthodox Church the elite and sagas of Ethiopian Orthodox Church began to right using different colors while the other world was to infant to have their own writing skills. Our  fathers used to record the history of Ethiopian as well as abroad through their own writing skills which was prepared from sheep, goat and other animals skim traditionally known as Berana.

8.    Cultural Contribution

The base for Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church is the bible. The church preaches its religion from by coordinating Tuwfit, Tuwfit from the system, the system from the culture the church is reach with cultures which can be a source of a good culture assets. Accordingly, in order to understand or observe the traditional contribution of the church the following has been listed.

  • A meal once a day (communal eating system).
  • Speaking procedure.
  • Hospitability culture.
  • Clothing/white cloth, female and male clothes etc.
  • Respecting marriage.
  • Heroic and love of once country.
  • Living together with respect and communal life, are some of cultural values to me mention with
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