Spiritual/Theological Schools

The basic mission of the church is to provide spiritual as well as social services to human beings. Because of this Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church has been providing spiritual as well as social service to all human beings regardless of their religious, race, gender differences. Because of this Ethiopian Orthodox Church is a national church well known by its contribution to the overall activities and social as well as economical development. As we can understand from the treasures of the church, the church is the source of educational written systems. Because of this the churches educational service were used to be provided in Ethiopian Geez Alphabet, calendars and languages.

As we can understood from the available treasures Ethiopian Orthodox Church is the source of spiritual as well as modern educations. In Ethiopia writing began before the birth of Jesus Christ 1000 years ago. Because of this the church began to use writing commencing from the date the expansion of the religion.

Therefore, Geez language and alphabet gets domination in the Axum period and use to implement writing activity in different places from the period of its establishment Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church has contributed most in the religious, social and education life of its people.


Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church is the inner identification of the Ethiopian Cultural as well as social assets and values. The church has enables to expand traditional church schools and modern for many years it is through this system that the Ethiopian Ancient Education was able to transfer the generation. The educational system of the church has the following parts.

  1. Reading Bete
  2. KidaseBete
  3. ZemaBete
  4. KeneBete
  5. MetsihafBete

 Spiritual Song

The school for which church songs widely given are known as song schools. Song means the church music. The church is an owner of various songs which are written by St. Yared. Out of this the main one is Dugua.

KidaseBete: this school is the place were clergy learns Kidase songs in detail. Kidase education are given in two ways namely Sededkulana and Debreabay.

KeneBete: in this school students are made study church poets Kineis being provided similar to English Napaytrin words and is being provided in the Kine Schools by the help of students. Writing pouts is not only important but also it is necessary to study it in relation or by relation it with Geez writings.

MetsihafBete:  in this place education on bible matters are given in this school students are made to study the values of church assets; the importance of church schools is important up to 19century. Those schools were important to provide social as well as spiritual teachings required for the church legal experts, judges, military officers, secretaries, get training in those schools or monasteries. Generally, we can understood that the church schools are not only important for religious services but also for social, legal, political as well as cultural services.

The church has played its best to expand the over all assets of the country through the established spiritual as well as traditional church schools. Because of this in the monasteries, churches which are being administered by Addis Ababa Diocese famous Kidase, Kene, Akuakuam, Dugua and book spiritual teachers has been  assigned by the diocese and education are being given in a successful way.