The parish and its Objective

The Parish Council (PC) of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church (EOTC) is the governing administrative and executive members of the church. According to the PC constitution (Kalawadi) of the EOTC the main objective is to care for the Holy Church, to expand and enrich her services in order to encourage her followers to hold firm to the faith and morals of the Christian life as well as to make the church self-reliant.

The Parish Council is responsible to maintain the proper administration of the finance and property of the church, to register the clergy and laity, ensure that the income and expenditure are in accordance with the budget, as well as to prepare financial and activity reports at the Annual General Meeting. The PC is accountable to the Archbishop of the Diocese and to the National Parish General Assembly of the EOTC.

The church has a modern structure and for which it was enacted in the constitution of the church there was a spiritual assembly being commenced. Generally the diocese has the following objectives in accordance of the constitution Article 5.

  • To preserve the holy church and make its services.
  • To organize the church servants activity and to improve the lives and living standard of the church servants.
  • To increase the number of followers and to see the followers being developed by spiritual knowledge, ethics and Christian life.
  • To improve the church administration and to make autonomous.

In addition to that in accordance the church constitution Article 6, the diocese activities are the following.

  • To preach the gospel and to expand the gospel.
  • To establish spiritual as well as modern education and to organize the same.
  • To give spiritual as well as social service to all religious followers.
  • To establish Sunday school and to provide support.
  • To reach the church service to all followers.
  • To fulfill all the required for the church spiritual service.
  • To administer the church activities in accordance with holy bible,  the law and regulations.
  • To make the church viable in terms of property as well as economy.
  • To prevent unnecessary waste of property of the church to be registered and keep, to develop;
  • To execute and make execute the above mention laws regulations, directives, order decisions.
  • To exert for the necessary so that to create a line of cooperation among the diocese and churches.
  • To establish various charities and societies and provide service.
  • To carry out construction, renewal, maintenance and other activities and to implement the same.
  • To keep the financial account of Ethiopian Orthdox Tewahido Church as well as to properly handle the property and statistical information.
  • To execute and make execute all the required in accordance to the constitution.
  • To carry out all the required in accordance with this article sub article 4-14 and to carry out all the necessary with the required individuals and firms.
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