Youths and Development

Youth in addition to the spiritual service they are active participant in the overall developmental actives of the church in monasteries, parish and other places.

The young generation has a vital role by believing whatever he want, by perspective in church songs, arts, drama, teaching children, expanding gospel, participating in sanitation, and other activities which are important for the overall activities of the church. In addition to that the young generation is playing its best practically by keeping the discipline of the church, helping the poor, construction the church and in any other activities require by the church. Even if there is a common practice which is given in all monasteries and churches Sunday schools, for instance we can look at the service which is being provided by the Sunday schools of Holy Trinity and meskaye hizunan Gedam.


  • When we look at the study which is being conducted on Yared songs to the young generation are providing spiritual song in the church during marriage events. Through such at they are enable a considerable number of participant conclude marriage at the cathedral/Gedam.
  • By establishing drama and art section enable the considerable number of dramas to be conducted in huge celebrations. Because of this they are playing their effort to expand the social and economical knowledge.
  • By participating in the diocese and developmental committee as a member is carrying out core activities.
  • In order the Sunday schools preserve the church moral assets and lead their lives in ethical and disciplined way, a discipline committee and a moral teachings has been given the young generation. The discipline committee has appeared and accepting  spiritual as well as psychological advice and they have organized the church and its community  to provide solution for the problem encountered. Because of this they are enabled to lead a good life based on the church doctrines.

Generally, those Sunday school have vital importance to Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church youth activities by providing educational and other tasks accordingly Sunday schools has carried out new developmental programs and exert their maximum effort for the countries development and activities.

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